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The author, Katjuša Kovačič, in her movement debut, Seeking Balance, seeks balance in a moving, expressive, cultural, and gravitational sense; she is trying to connect different entities into a whole, and in this manner to create a story of co-existence, transition, and complementation. Katjuša Kovačič (1986) works in the fields of physical and street theatre, improvisation, acrobatics, dance, and capoeira. She is a member of the Street Theatre School ŠUGLA, the group Šmirulja, and is also an active member of the modern circus project Cirkus Kansky. Katjuša Kovačič studies Chinese Studies and Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana. In 2007/08, she attended the Beijing International Art School, Department of Acrobatics. Since 2005, she has continuously participated in a myriad of cultural and art projects; she has also managed fine arts workshops for children and young people.

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