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Kotra (Dmytro Fedorenko) is one of the most well-known persons on the Ukrainian experimental music scene today. He is a hyperactive musician and producer, as well as an experienced promoter and curator of numerous projects, international festivals and record labels. He is also the creator of numerous highly acclaimed art projects and special events. On the art scene, Dmytro has been active since the early 90s with his early experiments in live music and his miscellaneous collaborations with visual artists. Between 1998 and 1999, Dmytro made his first electronic events in the small clubs of Kiev. Since 2006, Dmytro Fedorenko has been curating a few special international projects in partnership with such international organizations as the Polish Institute, Pro Helvetia, the Swedish Institute and the Goethe Institute. In 2011, Dmytro received the Label of the Year Award (Kvitnu) at the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris, France. (From the artist’s press kit material)

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