Lady Gaby

About artist / group: 

Gaby Bila-Günther a.k.a. Lady Gaby’s career has been as picturesque as her life. Born in Romania, she emigrated to Aus tralia, and finally landed up in Ber lin, the cross-roads of contempor ary experimental ar t. Constantly writing liter ature, poetry and publicistic contributions, she also works as a journalist and editor of countless zines. A member of the Australian Urbanart group, Gaby’s experience as a radio broadcaster encouraged her to interweave electronic sounds with poetry. In spite of occasionally troubling themes, Gaby’s poetr y is plain funny, thus it is no coincidence that her work has been published not only in strictly literary magazines, but also in newspapers and trendy magazines. She collabor ates with various artists and has made guest appearances at a number of festivals.

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