Leja Jurišić

About artist / group: 

Leja Jurišić (1978) is a Slovenian dancer and choreographer of the younger generation. With her debut performance R’z’R (2005), which won her a special jury award at the Gibanica Festival, she also toured abroad. In addition to being a solo performer (Ballet of Revolt, 2012), Leja Jurišić is also creative in tandems – Between Us (2009), Sofa (2011) and The Second Freedom (2013) result from her collaboration with Teja Reba – and she is also a choreographer (Pot v Jajce, 2009). In 2013, Jurišić and Reba received  the Ksenija Hribar Award for prospective choreographers and they both took part in the New York Online Biennale (Life After Conceptual Art, 2013). She is currently participating in a new performance by Tim Etchells and the group Forced Entertainment.