Les Reines Prochaines

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The group Les Reines Prochaines (Future Queens) comprises some of the most important contemporary Swiss artists. It was in 1988 that two artists of the Basel School of Art won first prize at the Feminale festival in Cologne and The International Film and Video Festival in Luzern with their videos Painting and The Female Speed Reducer is Whizzing. The two authoresses of the awarded videos were Muda Mathis and Pippilotti Rist. Thus began the success story of a loose women's group which combined the tradition of accidental performances with the artistic concept of professional dilletantism. It is difficult to label Les Reines Prochaines. Their emergence was first marked by the album Potatas in 1988. From then on, music has remained the focal point of their art, around which performances, movement, installations, concerts and videos are centred.

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