Luisa Tucciariello

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Luisa Tucciariello studied at Conservatorio Nino Rota in Monopoli, taking her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in jazz singing under the guidance of Gianni Lenoci and Gianna Montecalvo. She is a member of the vocal duo Black Fair Voices along with Dionisia Cassiano (their debut record soon to be released). In 2014, she started a duo of improvised music with pianist Gianni Lenoci. As a solo artist, she has developed the projects 3 Lacy Songs and Mal Waldron Songs with piano and vocals. She currently lives in London. She works as a singing and piano teacher and collaborates with the London International Gospel Choir and with Trio Novidade. She is active in the London jazz scene and in the field of free improvised music (in a duo with London-based guitarist Michael De Souza).

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