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Founder of Marcella and The Forget Me Nots, Marcella Puppini first became known in the UK as the founder of famous vocal trio The Puppini Sisters. She is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist who moonlights as a conductor for a Russian Big Band.

Marcella’s background is both in music and fashion: having graduated from Central St Martins College of Art, she worked at Vivienne Westwood’s studio before re-training at Trinity College of Music where she studied singing and composition. Partly because of her lifelong attraction to opera, Marcella was drawn toward the more theatrical elements of music, specifically alternative performance, which led to her becoming Musical Director and songwriter for Burlesque pioneers The Whoopee Club and to her working with Carnesky’s Ghost Train, Stacked Wonky and The Real Tuesday Weld, as well as recording a very successful club music hit called Revolution with DJ Rich B in 2002.

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