Marjeta Kamnikar

About artist / group: 

MARJETA KAMNIKAR is the mother of three children, 30 years married, and has spent most of her working life as a human resource officer. She was also a successful bowler and a member of the Yugoslav nine-pin bowling team at the World Championships in the 1980’s. In 2006 at the invitation of her son Gregor (later Timon Jelen, Klemen Papež and Nelson Valmor) she initiated an extensive M project. Thus far, M has been realised in a form of a documentary meeting, a documentary performance and a documentary installation. She is working on M as a documentary play. She has also collaborated with Ryuzo Fukuhara in his projects Ghost Among People (2010), My Neighbour (2009) and The Four Elements (2008), with Dragana Alfirević in the project Meta Level (2011), Teja Reba’s performance 650 Experiences (2011) and the project Life II (in Progress) by Janez Janša (2013– ).

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