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A dramaturge and author of a number of theatre pieces, Minja Bogavac has been involved within the Drama Mental Studio theatre company in such a poetic type of performance for eight years. She performed with Jelena Bogavac and Igor Marković, (the co-authors of JMBG, Bezdan, Bezdan: Update and Pet Shop slam performances) over a hundred times throughout the region. In addition, they also participated in several festivals, including Exit, Bitef, Faki, Ex teatar fest, Mir u izgradnji, Aprilski susreti, Šumes, Mimart godovi, PitchWise… Minja Bogavac performed solo at underground culture festivals such as Treš Niš, Serbia. She is the author of a bright pink slam book of poetry Ekonomsko propagandna poezija [Economic Propaganda Poetry], (SKC NS, 2005) as well as Moj slem je duži od tvog [My Slam is Longer Than Yours], (SKC NS, 2011). She also held the first Belgrade slam workshop.

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