Mirjam M. Hladnik & Hanna A.W. Slak

About artist / group: 

Dr. Mirjam M. Hladnik is a sociologist and works as a research fellow at the Institute for Slovenian Emigration Studies at the scientific research center of the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences (SAZU) and as an assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana. For many years her main research interests and publications were in the field of sociology of education. As regards women’s studies, she has concentrated on women teachers and other educated and socially important women neglected by history. Mirjam M. Hladnik is an editor of the three-volume collected works of Angela Vode (1998, 1999, 2000) as well as the author of introductions to various biographies. Between 2000 and 2004, whilst pursuing her migration studies research project, she was based in New York City.

Even during her student years, Hanna A. W. Slak received several Slovene and foreign awards for her short films. Her first feature film, Slepa Pega (Blind Spot, 2001), which she both wrote and directed, was awarded at the 2002 Cottbus Film Festival, and also received the Don Quixote Award and the Ecumenical Jury Award bestowed by the International Cinematography Clubs Association (FICC). She currently prepares her second feature film Tea.