Nataša Govedić

About artist / group: 

Nataša Govedić gained her PhD in Theatrology at the Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb. Since 1995, she has been working as an independent scholar, critic and teacher at the Centre for Women Studies, the Centre for Peace Studies, the Academy of Dramatic Arts, the University of Pedagogy and the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. She is a co-founding member of the editorial board of several magazines (including Zarez), editor-in-chief of the feminist magazine Treća, and theatre critic for the Novi list newspaper of Rijeka. She is the author of nine books in the field of theatrology and performance studies, and as a dramaturge, a creative consultant, an author or co-author, she has collaborated on independent theatrical projects with Vitim Matula, Branka Trlin, Darko Japelj, Silvia Marchig and Jasna Vinovrški.