Nermina Kurspahić

About artist / group: 

Nermina Kurspahić was born in Sarajevo in 1956, where she graduated in Comparative Literature and Theatre Studies. While still a student, she began to publish throughout former Yugoslavia articles and reviews of literature, theatre and particularly art. Her novel, The Disappearance of the Blue Riders (Iščezavanje plavih jahača), was published by the International Centre for Peace in Sarajevo in 1994. The novel was translated and published in Turkey in 1997 (Ciglik [The Shriek]). Her collection of essays Sarajevo War Sketches (Sarajevski ratni pogledi) was awarded the Soros Essay Prize and published by Oko, Sarajevo, 1999. She has also published a volume of poems, Soon Your End Will Come As Well (Skoro će i tebi kraj), Ljiljan/Zid, Sarajevo, 1999. She works as the editor-in-chief of the cultural and art periodical, Odjek (Echo).