Nina Polaschegg

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Nina Polaschegg studied music, sociology and philosophy in Giessen and Hamburg, where she specialized in the sociology of music, contemporary composition, improvisation, electrophonia and new jazz, specifically in ‘the problematics of listening cultures’ and popular classical music. She is also a publicist: she has been publishing for radio stations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland; for the esteemed record publisher Hat Hut Records, she contributed a number of forewords. Nina teaches music at high schools in Hamburg and Klagenfurt. She plays the contrabass in baroque ensembles and orchestras and participates in improvisational bands. She forms a trio with Elisabeth Harnik and wind instrument player Tanja Feichtmayr. In 2005, she published the book Populäre Klassik - Klassik populär. Hörerstrukturen und Verbreitungsmedien im Wandel with the publishing house Böhlau in Köln.

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