Phoebe Patey-Ferguson

Great Britain
About artist / group: 

Phoebe Patey-Ferguson is an artist and academic based at Goldsmiths. Her research focuses on International Festivals of Performance and their social and political possibilities. Phoebe currently teaches theatre and performance at Goldsmiths and Queen Mary, and is a Study Room Ambassador for LADA, hosting regular ‘Gut Reactions’ events that explore live art and the archive. She runs two yearly performance symposiums: Side Burns at Buzzcut Festival, and the Sociology of Theatre & Performance Colloquium. Her writing has been published online, in print journals and books, and she also edits and self-publishes zines. Previously she has worked as an assistant producer with In Between Time and LIFT. She has a sound- and body-based artistic practice, performing at festivals, in clubs, galleries and theatres. She lives off-grid in a travelling houseboat in London.