Pia Brezavšček

About artist / group: 

Pia Brezavšček (Sl) is a doctoral candidate at the Humanities and Social Sciences Doctoral Programme at the University of Ljubljana. Since 2013 she has been self-employed in the field of culture as a dance and performance critic and a theatre researcher. Since 2008 she has contributed to Radio Student, Večer, Delo, SiGledal, Mentor, Tribuna, Dialogi, Ekran, Kino!, Maska and the scientific journals Družboslovne razprave and Performance Research, among other publications. Since 2018 she is the co-editor of the journal Maska and the online journal Neodvisni. She was also the co-editor of the first two issues of the ŠUM journal for contemporary art. She is a dance, performance and theatre critic at the newspaper Dnevnik. In 2013 she was awarded the Ksenija Hribar award for dance criticism. She worked as a dramaturg and co-authored several theatre pieces, most recently the performance Ideal. She is the president of the Slovenian Contemporary Dance Association.