About artist / group: 

Rosa Reitsamer is a sociologist, writer and DJ. She has been working and researching in areas related to the representation of women in visual arts, popular culture and music, and is also the editor of the queer magazine Female Sequences. In 2002, in conjunction with Anthony Auerbach, Rosa Reitsamer organised Mons Veneris: Female Geographies at the Austrian Cultural Forum London. This group event dealt with works on sexuality by women artists from the so-called post-communist countries and the West. In 2004 she conceived and realised the symposium entitled Geteilte Territorien. Umkämpfte Gemeinsamkeiten with Jo Schmeiser. It addressed the limits and chances of co-operation between individuals and groups who have different - i.e. dominant or marginalized - positions in society. Reitsamer is currently working on a program about the Viennese gallery atmosphere with Michaela Muhr and Manuela Schreibmayer; she is also working on the exhibition Born to be White: Rassismus und Antisemitismus in der weißen Mehrheitsgesellschaft with Jo Schmeiser.