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Soap&Skin is an experimental musical project of Austrian artist Anja Plaschg (b. 1990). She has played piano since she was six. At the age of 14, she began violin lessons and developed an interest in electronic music. After only playing a handful of concerts, she was already being dubbed a “Wunderkind”. In 2008, she played German singer Nico in the play Nico – Sphinx auf Eis by Werner Fritsch.
Her first album Lovetune for Vacuum, released in 2009 – the same year she was also awarded the most prestigious Amadeus Austrian Music Award – received excellent reviews and was ranked in the Austrian Top 10. In 2010, her song “Mr Gaunt Pt 1000” was used in the television commercial for the Ford Mondeo, and her song “The Sun” was featured in the French film Mes Chères Etudes.  

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