Tina Valentan

About artist / group: 

Dancer and choreographer Tina Valentan has graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. She has been active in the field of contemporary dance for many years. Over the last years she has been focusing on performing for other choreographers. She is currently touring European dance festivals with Milan Tomášik & Co with performances Hunting Season (2014) and Silver Blue (2015). She is also working closely with Snježana Premuš, a Body Mind Centering practitioner and choreographer, with whom she is expanding her knowledge of the body and co-creating performances, lastly Physical Manifestations (2015). She is also appearing in the children’s performance Doodledee, It’s Me!. After presenting her choreographical debut at the first edition of Platforma Festival in 2007, which she later on developed in an acclaimed solo When the Moon Is Increasing (2008) produced by City of Women, Tina is returning to the stage with her new solo project, which is putting centre stage a woman in possession of her full powers (Kalipso).

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