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Formed in 1998, Uluru has, over the years, transformed itself from a didgeridoo orchestra into an ethno- experimental ensemble. Today it comprises the following members: Maruša Jenič (violin, percussion, vocal), Ksenija Jus (electric guitar, vocal, percussion), Valentina Praprotnik (percussion, didgeridoo, vocal), Zvonka Simčič (didgeridoo, vocal), Dare Trobec (percussion, accordion, vocal), Katarina Višnar (electric cello, vocal, xylophone) and Katarina Živec (didgeridoo, vocal). In January 2007 Uluru recorded three compositions for the Klagenfurt-based Koordinationsstelle organisation, which are to be used in a documentary film directed by Aleksandra Vedernjak, who is also based in Klagenfurt. Among other things, Uluru also supports the Creative Commons licence. Helena Božič

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