Ursula Martinez

Great Britain
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Ursula Martinez is a London-based writer and performer. She studied theatre at Lancaster University and began her career in experimental, contemporary theatre while working with companies such as Forced Entertainment and The Glee Club. In 1998, she combined her experimental background with her cabaret experience and made her first theatre show A Family Outing, an autobiographical work starring herself and her parents. She subsequently made two more autobiographical shows, which, together with A Family Outing, formed a trilogy of personal/confessional work entitled Me, Me, Me!, which was presented at The Barbican as part of B.I.T.E. 2006. Her most famous work to date is her magic striptease cabaret act Hanky Panky. In 2006, this act was illicitly posted online and very quickly went viral, making Ursula an overnight Internet sensation. This led her to make My Stories, Your Emails, a solo theatre show about the ongoing unsolicited attention she receives from online fans.

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