Uršula Ramoveš

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Ursula Ramoves (born 1968) lives and works in a village called Susa in Poljanska Valley. She studied singing with Ileana Bratus Kocjan for ten years. In 1999, she self-published an album titled Sugar Free Baby, which received excellent reviews: 'One of the most beautiful voices one can hear in these parts nowadays. It is her voice alone that makes it worth climbing over these hills and valleys' (Miha Mazzini). For many years, her speciality has been a cappella singing. Her new album, I Was Riding a Bicycle on a Sunny Day, features Ursula's vocal interpretations of poetry by her life-partner Janez Ramoves, which encapsulates folk themes and is written primarily in the dialect of the Poljanska Valley. Pianist Jozi Salej, singer Ales Hadalin, actor and musician Janez Skof, accordion player Drago Ivanusa and violinist Jelena Zdrale also participated in bringing these songs to life. Ursula Ramoves's singing (she also wrote the music) is distinguished by subtlety and elegance of a true chanteuse.

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