Vladimír Václavek

Czech Republic
About artist / group: 

Vladimír Václavek (1959) is an eminent presence on the “Brno alternative music scene”.  In addition to being a vocalist, he plays guitar and percussion instruments. His music career is closely related to famous Czech musicians. During the mid-90s, he began playing in the musical groups E and Domácí lékař, and also released his first solo album Jsem hlína, jsem strom, jsem stroj. Also during that period, he formed the Moravian-Japanese-French group Rale, which released three successful albums inspired by the cultures of various continents and containing a harmony of six languages. He has been working with Iva Bittová since 1997. Their memorable double album Bílé inferno was awarded the gold record by Indies Records in 2004.

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