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Zavoloka is the stage name of Kateryna Zavoloka – a sound artist, experimental electronic music composer, performer and graphic designer from Kiev, Ukraine. Zavoloka mainly explores digital and analogue synthesis and combines them with her own recordings of Ukrainian ancient folk songs and different instruments. Her music consists of intensive varied sound motions and unexpected combinations piped into carefully controlled electronic flows. Zavoloka has collaborated with Kotra (UA), Mark Clifford of Seefeel (UK), Feldermelder (CH), AGF (DE), Anders Dahl (SE) and Andrea Pensado (AR/USA). She was invited by Aphex Twin (UK) to support his audiovisual shows, and she frequently works and plays live with visual artist Laetitia Morais (PT) and has taken part in many different international cross-genre art projects, making music for sculpture and art pavilions, installations, videos, soundtracks for films and others. In 2005, Zavoloka was awarded as Honorary Mention in the Digital Music & Sound Art with Prix Ars Electronica for the album Plavyna. Zavoloka performs concerts regularly and her music has been presented in various concert halls, clubs, contemporary museums, theaters and open-air venues around the world.

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