Živa Petrič

About artist / group: 

ŽIVA PETRIČ (1981) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in the conceptualisation of space in 2015. In her studies, her main interest of research were the relations between different media (space, movement, text), in particular the concept of physical limitations, intimate and collective freedom and the issue of identity. She also works in the field of theatre and film set design, and is the director of two short films, Omejenost razsežnosti and Fuck machine, which was nominated for an ESSL ART AWARD in 2013. Her last video project System Suicide (aka Eta Carinae), made in collaboration with the musician Christian Kroupa and choreographer Kristina Aleksova, investigates the basic principles of the system and the functioning of contemporary society within the system through the question of the corporeal.

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