Be in touch with reality: be(come) a feminist

Photo: Almedina Meštrovac

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Feminists pedagogy / 6th and 20th April at Noon at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
xx lecture and presentation of pilot programme

Association City of Women is hosted at Ljubljana’s Faculty of Social Sciences with a public lecture and presentation of feminist pedagogy. Lecture and presentation will take place at the course Social organization, gender and private life within the frame of postgraduate programme of Sociology.

Thanks to the course holder prof. dr. Tanja Rener and lecturer dr. Ana Kralj.


Thursday, 6th April, Noon – 2 PM, hall 18, FDV
part 1: lecture

Pedagogy reflects on the most appropriate ways of transmitting knowledge. But how to carry the load in the time not favorable to knowledge in general let alone feminist knowledge? What can we learn about the meaning of teaching from ignorant teachers who, like Jacques Rancière advocate universal equality of intelligences?

Tea Hvala will base her lecture on theory and practical work of bell hooks, Paul Preire, Felicity Allen and Annette Krauss.


Thursday, 20th April, Noon – 2 PM, hall 18, FDV
part 2: presentation

Association City of Women started a pilot program of feminist education City of Girls. With it we wish to inform youth of all genders with various branches of feminism, encourage lively debate on political equality and in this way contribute to reflective attitude of youth towards the usual stereotypes and prejudices about genders.

Urška Jež in Tea Hvala will present City of Girls program, currently consisting of two segments:

  • artistic and cultural education of primary school kids within the frame of International festival of Contemporary Arts City of Women which takes place each year in October;
  • lessons for highs school pupils or materials for high school professors, to be used at the opportunity of International Women’s Day.

They will also present the third segment, currently in the development phase: educational contents aimed at pedagogical personnel.

Organizated by City of Women, with Faculty of Social Sciences.

xx lessons (in slovene)
xx Social organization, gender and private life

The Audience Council #5.7. / 11th April at 8 pm at Mini Theatre
xx performance and talk

We continue with series of events The Audience Council which is a platform for words of spectators that aims to encourage exchange of opinions on newest shows of Ljubljana’s independent scene.

The performance Back to the Promised Land deals with issues of “migration”, especially with the “privileged forms of migration” from West to West in the present moment. With this show the team tackles the question if it’s even possible to create plays about migration through the lens of a “spoiled” Westerner today, in the times of the refugee crisis.

Organization: Bunker, Maska, Via Negativa, City of Women.

xx performance
xx  more on the audiance council