City of Women’s Programme Director Teja Reba to Move on in April after almost 6 Years

Photo: Nada Žgank

In April, City of Women’s programme director Teja Reba is leaving us after almost six years’ work, and the position of the new programme director will from now on be filled by visual artist and curator Iva Kovač

In her mandate, Teja Reba expanded the City of Women into a wide-spread and internationally even more recognizable organization. In addition to the existing International Contemporary Arts Festival, she introduced new programme activities and projects, such as production and management for Slovenian artists, an international residency programme, cultural and artistic education and pedagogical programme (#8MarchEveryDay, Open Door Week, Createmporaneity), a specialized library for contemporary art and feminism, the City of Women web archive, annual collection of articles Reflections, as well as, in collaboration with international partners, outlined European projects of several years, which gained funding by the European Commission (Performing Gender - Dance Makes Differences, Musica Femina, Women on Women, Be Part, Act-Art, Power, BurnOut Aid, Performing Gender - Dancing in Your Shoes).

During her mandate, the City of Women received the EFFE Label twice, a label of quality for best European festivals, bestowed by the European Festivals, and the Princess Margriet Award 2019, bestowed by the European Cultural Foundation. 

During that period, Teja Reba was also active as member of the Board of Directors of the Prešeren Fund, as a vice-president of the NGO Dialogue Group at the Ministry of Culture and as artistic director of the candidacy Ljubljana – European Capital of Culture 2025.