City of Women: Reflecting 2021/2022

Graphic design: Vesna Bukovec

A fresh book volume has been published, an edition of the essay collection entitled City of Women: Reflecting 2021/2022, in which we are reflecting on the key topics of last-year’s City of Women festival and season. This volume was edited by Jasmina Jerant. 

Two years ago, the City of Women retrospective was marked by the first COVID-10 wave. The 2020/21 retrospective that followed was published a year after the epidemic began and just before the third wave. This time, we were finishing the Reflections – bilingual for the first time – while the war in Ukraine was beginning to unleash. In these circumstances, writing a publication in which we reflect on the most prominent activities and artistic achievements of the City of Women from the previous season and the 27th edition of the festival proved especially bitter, even more so that in the past years. 

In such times, how can we answer the question that was the common thread of the 2021 City of Women festival: Can the future be any different than the past and the present?; can it be better? Editor Jasmina Jerant says that it can: the future can be better if we nourish memory and not oblivion, care not neglect; if we fight for the better future of all (the heroes of Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and elsewhere) as much as we can; if we fight for both their and our future also with art. Together. Bravely. From the comfort of our room, if we must.

The launch of the essay collection concludes the season 2021/22, opening the door to the new season. 

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