Tuesday, 22nd and Wednesday, 23rd March, 8 pm, Klub Gromka (AKC Metelkova City, Ljubljana)

Slovene adaptation of theatre performance Endless Medication
Direction and adaptation: Simona Semenič & Marijs Boulogne (Belgium)
Dramaturgy: Jerneja Kušar
Performers: Barbara Krajnc and Jelena Rusjan
Lighting design: Janko Oven
Costumes: Nina Holc
Accordion mentor: Maja Vujanović
Text by: Marijs Boulogne, Slovene translation: Tanja Lesničar Pučko
Production: City of Women Association

»Conceptually strong and witty performance leaves on stage in the end a human ruin – sticky watermelon juice, garbage, secretions. «
(Iva Kosmos, Radio Študent)

»The unusual theatre miniature (…) framed in a variety performance of two female performers who present its key stations with large epic intensity and simultaneously stage a number of acting transformations as well as singing performances accompanied by accordion. The concept of performance is based on a lucid selection of symbols and drastic play with their naturalistic effects, at the same time incorporating some elements of classic animation and shadow theatre…«
(Petra Pogorevc, Dnevnik)

Endless Medication is a performance produced in an inventive style of fairground theatre. Marijs Boulogne addresses the theatre tricks in a childlike and lucid, but also perverse manner. A scatologic strength is hidden behind apparent innocence of two energetic, jolly and carefree girls. Due to its way in dealing with obscenity and violence, the performance features as a form of religiously-tinted pornography.

The name of the girl – Rosa – derives from the Saint Rosa of Lima (1586-1617). In the Endless Medication – similarly to the experience of many mystics from that period – religious ecstasy all too easy transforms into delirium charged with strong sexuality. The sacral and blasphemous go hand in hand.

Price: € 5.
Tickets will be sold an hour prior to the beginning of performance at Klub Gromka box office.

The performance was made possible by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana – Culture Department.