International Festival of Contemporary Arts - CITY OF WOMEN


The International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women has been held for ten days every October since 1995 in different venues across the city of Ljubljana. 

Uniting amazing women* from all over the world, the festival offers a unique experience blending great artistic endeavors with inspiring talks and workshops. Since its institution, the Festival has welcomed over a thousand artists, collectives, curators, theorists and activists, ranging from the emerging to well-known names. We present contemporary, bold, experimental, critical, socially engaged, political, trans-disciplinary and feminist art. 

By cooperating with local and international partners and by establishing liaisons with a range of institutional and alternative venues in the city of Ljubljana, the Festival proposes a variety of events from all artistic disciplines, reaches broad and diverse audiences and enjoys wide media exposure. 

Every Festival’s edition is curated by the program director and associated selectors.

The festival has been twice awarded the EFFE Festival Label (2017/2018, 2019/2020), which is presented to festivals with an artistic commitment, involvement in their local communities and a European and global outlook by the European Festivals Association (EFA): 

"A very complete project, connected to present a future and a lively festival that still keeps on changing and improving with the editions. All the different aims, layers, values that they seek are already incorporated and in movement and the diverse and international program shows that they are constantly moving out of the comfort zone to keep the commitment with the focus they promote. Necessary and inspiring festival."

If you are interested in presenting your work at the festival, you can send your proposals to Please send your project description and biography in pdf format, including video links on your previous works or/and the entire capture. Due to many requests, you will be notified only if your project is selected. Thank you. 



City of Women is a platform that produces and presents contemporary, innovative, premium, critical, bold and radical art.

City of Women presents and promotes local and international artists, theoreticians, cultural workers.

City of Women exposes the social reality in which art is produced and in which the artists live/work.

City of Women draws attention to discrimination in art and culture.

City of Women aims to improve conditions for women in the arts and culture.

City of Women nourishes transdisciplinary and intersectional approach.

City of Women does not accept stereotypes, disciplining the art or separation of practice and theory.

City of Women encourages to social reflection, awareness, solidarity and acceptance of diversity.



1. We present authors/artists and collectives of mainly women's authorship.

2. We present all genres of contemporary art (modern and postdramatic theater, contemporary dance, performance art and live-art, visual and intermedia art, site-specific events, music and film art).

3. We present innovative and breakthrough formats/ideas which create a critical dialogue with the present we live in.

4. We present and cooperate with local and international authors/artists.

5. The festival is curated and without a public call, to participate please contact the artistic director.


If you are interested in presenting your work at the festival, you can send us your proposals. 
Please send your project description, biography, and all other information that you would like to share with us, in a pdf format, including a video link of the entire capture. You will be notified only if your project is selected.