Let's Make 2020 the Year of Women!

Photo: Nada Žgank

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xx City of Women in 2019 / year of anniversaries and new challenges

2019 was a year of celebration for City of Women. 

We are proud, that after 25 years of relentless work, our festival continues to have support from old and emerging audiences. 
We are proud, that we are more than just a festival. We are entering 2020 with several European projects, we are part of numerous international networks and continue to grow both home and abroad, with our activities ranging from libraries, activism, art, work with youth and advocacy.
We are proud that you are part of our story.


Let's meet in 2020 as well! Happy New Year!

In 2019, we celebrated our 25th anniversary of our festival City of Women. We hosted 160 participants on 18 different venues. More than 30 Slovenian and 20 international partners supported the festival.

We are the first organization from Slovenia, that received prestige European The Princess Margriet Award by European Cultural Foundation. Our festival received Effe Label for the second time in a row. European Festivals Association awards the title to the festivals with highest artistic quality in Europe.

We successfully finished a two-year project Performing Gender - Dance Makes Difference. We also successfully finished an international project ACTART.  

We secured funding for three new European projects: Women on Women (WoW), BePart and upcoming project BurnOut Aid. All projects are supported by European Commission.  

We also secured funding for two domestic consortium, supported by Ministry of Public Affairs: Svodobnost and certificate for cultural enterprise. 

Our performance Sonny was part of prestigious national Maribor Theatre Festival and received the main award at ACT Festival in Bilbao, Spain.

We organized 115 different events in 2019. Our programme was visited by more than 4000 people.