WoW Awards

Grafična podoba: Vesna Bukovec

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This year's first feminist awards ceremony was held as part of feminist events in March, where in addition to the WoW awards, we also presented  "bodeča neža" anti-award for the most sexist statement of the last season. Out of 120 nominations, a five-member City of Women jury: Linn Julijan Koletnik, Tjaša Pureber, Tanja Rener, Samar Zughool and Tea Hvala, selected five award winners.

The City of Women jury selected the winners on the basis of their work and contribution to the community, on the basis of their courage, dedication and determination, and their socially engaged action by those individuals and collectives who structurally have less access to public space in society and therefore receive less attention (among the nominees they searched for women on the basis of self-identification, that is, trans and intersex women).

The awards went to: Sabina Zorec, a pioneer in working with female prisoners and active drug users and a founder  of the first safe house for women, one with a low threshold programme – where drug abstinence is not a condition to enter the safe house, which is a first social welfare programme of the kind not only nation-wide, but also on a wider scale in Europe. Urška Breznik, the director of the institute Pekarna Magdalenske mreže. She is not only active within the institute but is also a member and president of the vegan association Za živali. Furthermore, she dedicates her energy to the strengthening of local self-government and city quarters, to the school of political literacy and similar topics. No-Border Craft, a self-organized initiative led by women who are activists, refuges and asylum seekers in Slovenia. They are fighting against racism, sexism, and for open borders. Together they are building  firm social networks between migrant women and local residents in Slovenia. This is by creating an environment for active participation in the local cultural and social events, and through looking for opportunities for alternative economy by offering their handcraft products. ČIPke, Initiative for Women with a Sense for Technology, Science and Art that researches and promotes the co-operation of women in scientific and technical context and intermedia art. Their programme of practical education includes open-code programme workshops, programming, graphic design, video editing, electronics and robotics. Sektor Ž, radio show that has monthly been aired on the Radio Študent that uses the feminist aspect in addressing political initiatives from the bottom up, but also tackles official policies, social trends, theory, pedagogics and art bearing the feminist mark.

The project Women on Women presenting WoW Awards is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.