MYTHS AND MEDUSAS, 6.–11. 12. 2022

Graphic design: Vesna Bukovec

Myths and Medusas
City of Women event series
6.–11. 12. 2022


What from the past do we wish to keep for the future? Which stories haven’t reached us, but should’ve had? Which “truths” remain unquestioned? What would happen if Muses broke out of Museums and rebelled like Medusa? And what if their shadows, the wives and the female assistants of male artists, would step into the light? 

The City of Women invites you to retell our past, see our present, and imagine our future possibilities through the lens of feminist myth interpretations. 

Our welcome treat is Svetlana Slapšak’s insight into some of these questions. Read our Honorary President’s text “Muses Breaking Out from the Museum”

Welcome to the City of Women!




Tuesday, 6. 12.
18.30, Old Power Station
Eight artists
Video performance (10′ in a loop) and installation of documentary material
2022, 60′
In Slovenian

Free admission



20.00, Old Power Station
Anamarija Batista, Noah Charney, Svetlana Slapšak 
The Art of Destruction
Roundtable discussion
2022, 90′
In English

Free admission



Thursday 8. 12. 
18.00, Old Power Station
The artistic collective of the Politics of Touch project
Erased Gazes
Exhibition opening
2022, 120′
In Slovenian, English and Arabic

Free admission



Friday, 9. 12.
18.00, Old Power Station
Lala Raščić
Modal Medley in Four Acts (Exoneration from Tradition)
Series of four performances
2022, 180′
In English with Slovenian subtitles

10 / 7 €
Ticket reservations at, sales at the venue



Saturday, 10. 12.
20.00, Old Power Station
The Return of Ishtar
2020, 65′, 14+
In German with Slovenian and English subtitles

10 / 7 €
Ticket reservations at, sales at the venue



Sunday, 11. 12.
20.00, Gromka Club, ACC Metelkova mesto

10 / 7 €
Ticket reservations at, sales at the venue


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Programme director: Iva Kovač; president of the board: Urška Jež; executive production: Urška Jež, Saša Nemec; administration: Mišel Miheljak; arts education: Tea Hvala; community projects: Sara Šabec; public relations and promotion: Katja Lenarčič. 

Selectors: Iva Kovač, Brigita Gračner.

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Texts: editor: Tea Hvala; authors: selma banich, Urška Brodar, Noah Charney, Brigita Gračner, Tea Hvala, Iva Kovač, Lovefuckers, Lala Raščić, Svetlana Slapšak; English and Slovenian translation: Tea Hvala, Domen Kavčič, Jedrt Maležič; German translation: Ana Grmek; Slovenian and English language editing: Sonja Benčina; Slovenian language editing: Lara Jerkovič; leaflet and poster design: Vesna Bukovec; print: Grafex.

Student internship: Medeja Kuhanec, Gaia Merlak; volunteer: Maja Peharc.

Special thanks to: Honorary President of the City of Women association Svetlana Slapšak; members of the City of Women association. Thanks to the participants, partners, co-producers, supporters, and to everyone else who helped creating the Myths and Medusas event series.