Graphic design: Vesna Bukovec

Fresh edition of the "City of Women: Reflecting 2019/2020", anthology, containing our reflections on the key highlights of last year’s festival and season, has been published!

The publication was drafted in the period of the pandemic that took over one third of the world and as such addresses the necessity for social change – first of all, for fundamental universal justice, as the editor Tea Hvala suggests in her introduction. She has divided the anthology into three thematic scopes: recognition, representation and redistribution. Their inter-relations are discussed by female curators, artists and theoreticians, the guests of the 25th City of Women festival, as well as our “regularly irregular” interlocutors from the fields of feminist curatorship, advocacy, activism and education. 

The publication brings to completion the 2019/20 season and simultaneously introduces the new season of City of Women.

Printed Publication is available with us. For a free copy contact: