WoW Awards 2.0!

Graphic design: Vesna Bukovec

This March, City of Women has again scheduled to pay tribute to fighters for equality and women’s rights, for the community and the common, in short, the overlooked champions of endeavors for a better world. 

The WoW Awards, first bestowed in March 2020, constitute a response to the systematic erasures of women (we understand the term women to signify women, trans- and intersexual persons), their work and achievements from the historical canon.  

Moreover, come next year, the first generation of award laureates (the pioneer in the field of work with imprisoned women and active drug users Sabina Zorec; the director of the institute Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Urška Breznik; the Č I P k e Initiative for Women with a Touch for Technology, Science and Art; the No-Border Craft self-organized initiative against racism, sexism and for open borders; and the cult Radio Student feminist radio show Sektor Ž), is to be joined by 5 fresh award winners!

We are therefore opening a new Call for Nominations until 31 January 2021!

You can only nominate living women (we understand the term women to signify women, trans- and intersexual persons) who as of yet still significantly contribute to the fight for gender equality and social justice in our country. They may be activists, cleaners, farmers, doctors, lecturers, scientists, social workers, lawyers, teachers, artists or something utterly different. If they are changing our society, they belong among the five nominees for this year’s WoW Awards. 

Applications will be collected until 31 January 2021 via online form – here!

You can also send applications, along with possible questions, via e-mail or in the mail to the address Mesto žensk, Metelkova ulica 6, 1000 Ljubljana. The women can be nominated by individuals, NGOs, public institutes, trade unions or informal activist groups. A single applicant can also enter several candidates. 

Your applications must contain:

  • Name and last name, along with the contact data of the applicant

  • Name and last name of the nominee 

  • Short biography of the nominee or short justification of the proposal 

The applications are to be assessed by a jury, named by The City of Women. The jury has the right to propose its own candidates. 

The five award winners will be announced at a ceremony at the beginning of March 2021. 

The project Women on Women, within the framework of which the WoW Awards are bestowed, is co-financed by the European Commission in the scope of the Creative Europe programme.